Jacinto Farms | Locally Grown Picked DailyJacinto Farms | Locally Grown Picked Daily
Grown, Picked & Delivered Daily
within a Four Mile Radius. | Oranges & Avocados Available all year!

For over 90 years the Jacinto Family has been growing citrus in the Redlands/Crafton area. Early generations farmed citrus in the 1920's passing on the love of farming to future generations. Jacinto Farms has expanded farming to include not only citrus, but avocados, other fruits, and a vast variety of vegetables. Jacinto Farms is committed to providing the freshest, highest quality, locally grown produce.

2108 Mentone Blvd., Mentone, CA 92359
Open Daily 8:30 am - 6:30 pm

Jacinto Farms

Crop Calendar

Check Our Calendar for Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables

All fruits and vegetables are seasonal and availability is determined upon weather & field conditions. Please call to ensure availability.

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Jacinto Farms Locally Grown Picked Daily Corner of Mentone Blvd. & Crafton Ave.